Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mountain Eve Revisited

The faint, but visible, wisps of smoke drifted through the scented pines,
seeking out the endless realms of sky above them to dissipate ethereally
amongst the red and purple clouds of a new Sun rising above a far horizon.
The source of their being, a small but brave fire built in the primeval woods,
carried on its ancient instinct and provided steady warmth to the those nearby:
A rather large, jolly-looking, seemingly old, white-bearded elf and his friends.

As old as Time, a leather-covered sleigh lay off in the forest hidden amongst vines.
The elf's friends consisted of a team of Reindeer that stood around him faithfully,
now unharnessed, while taking a much-deserved break here in this hidden basin.
A blue enamel pot of coffee boiled upon the flames while the elf gathered foods
for his long-time companions.  Satisfied, as always, with their timeless urge to fly
around the Whole Wide World in a single night.  A flight upon which all depends.

He sat now upon a fallen log, used so often before in this annual ritual, near mines
of gold and silver long past spent of their treasures.  The quiet now settled in ideally
covering the forest glen with the restful silences of true Nature, the rotund Citizen
of The Ages, dressed all in robes of red and boots of black, now without any goods
in his tremendous sack sitting in the back of the golden sleigh, gave a grateful sigh
and, laying a finger aside his nose, loudly spoke the words which he forever sends:


mindbringer, 23 November 2016