Sunday, August 11, 2013

Common Absence

When we gather as family, you are notably absent equally from all of us.
To each of us, you are not here but rather in some other "place".
For everyone of us, you would be that person who missed the bus;
Who dropped out from the complexities and noise of the human race.

But, each absence, as each person conceives it, consists of different matter,
different soul, different thoughts and acts.  Is unique.  Instead of pitter, it's patter
Unlike the other absences in most every way.  Instead of plain, it's swirled.
So, we now have as many absences as there are people in the world.

What happens if we add up all of these absences?
Isn't there at least a random chance that one group of additions would end up looking a lot like you?
But, would it be you?  Or just the opposite of you?  LIke anti-matter vs. matter.
Would enough parts be incorporated to allow you to participate in the chatter?
Would you be the same as before or somehow something new?
Would each of you have had separate and different romances?

Or, would you all have the same romance - my Father?

mindbringer, 11 August 2013