Saturday, August 10, 2013


After 31 years of marriage, you are gone.  Gone.
Gone as in gone forever.  Gone away.  Gone with the wind.
Gone in sixty seconds.  Gone as far away as one can send.
So far away I cannot reach you.  But, wait, we are one!
So, you are still a part of me according to that stricture.
I don't have to reach, you are still part of the picture.
Right here inside me, beside me, astride me.
When I look out on things, it is both of us that can see.
See all of enternity, that is how it differs now.
We now see everthing through one set of eyes (don't ask me how).

When I comb my hair I am combing yours, even though yours was much longer.
When I exercise or practice my Tai Chi, I can feel both of us getting stronger.
When I meditate it is both of us that has to stop thinking,
when I talk, it is with two voices that I am speaking.

So, you are not gone.  You are really right where I left you.
In my heart.  Same as always.
The urn is a lie.  That is not where you are.  The empty shoe.
That is not you.  You are here inside me, that is where your essence stays.
And you are not going anywhere else anytime soon!

Two halves make a whole they said.  So, why would that change after death?
Death for one is just a dfferent path
that we both must now take.  You just see it differently than I.
Through a different mind's eye.

If I  stay very still, I can feel you beating inside me.

mindbringer, 9 August 2013