Friday, September 19, 2014


You are beautiful!  Beautiful like the sun setting behind Pali,
beautiful like the blue Hawaiian moon.  Beauty like the first Spring day.
You are my sweet darling wife and I worship your beauty really
and truly and from afar.  Soon, I will see you in a different way.
Up close and personal, your beauty will overwhelm and humble me
and I will be left speechless and without anything coherent to say.
Beauty like yours comes but once in an eon and can never simply be
taken for granted but must be acknowledged by all mankind as a play
of infinite repetition amongst the stars and planets. Naturally.
Yes, your beauty eclipses even that of the most vibrant and life-filled bay
out there on distant, wine-dark seas where love's a never-ending possibility.

mindbringer, 18 Sept 2014