Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Distant Shores

My love for you washes over me like the waves
of the sea upon the sands of a distant shore.
There I surrender to it under the Sun's rays
and bask in endless urging to look for more.

Your love for me comes across the miles seeking
always to embed itself in my desperate soul.
For my beating heart your love stops its leaking
and patches all the damage done to its big hole.

You fulfill our mutual destinies simultaneously!
Now that the big hole in my heart is finally gone
you fill up my empty body cavity as if endlessly.
We are now together forever, at last we are one.

Together we walk the sandy shore's pure white beach
and hand in hand we endeavor to never part again.
Sealed by fate and the Hand of God, we finally reach
that sheltered cove, and the sky looses a gentle rain.

Dry as tinder we sit by a smoldering pit fire,
and warm ourselves against the endless downpour.
We talk and talk and make love, we never tire.
Before us has opened new vistas; open is the door.

mindbringer, 25 August 2015